The Perfect Housewarming Gifts

Moving to a new home is a stressful process. There is the stress of packing all your belongings, hiring movers or renting a moving van, and then the stress of unpacking everything once you arrive. To top it off, you have the fear of some of your belongings being lost or broken in the process.

If you have friends or family that are in the process of moving, there is no better way to show them that you care than by giving them a housewarming gift. Reiners’ leather animal footstool is the perfect housewarming gift for any family! We have eight different animal-shaped ottomans and a variety of colors to choose from. Shop our store or contact us for more information!

Aside from a handcrafted, genuine leather animal ottoman, there is an abundance of great housewarming gifts to welcome your friends or family into their new home. Today, we will take a look at five unique ideas for thoughtful housewarming gifts. 

Scent Diffuser

Essential oils have recently become extremely popular. Not only do they make the room smell good, but depending on the essential oil, or combination of oils, they have different functions. There are different oils to help you sleep, oils to help you unwind, and even oils that stimulate brain activity.

Scent diffusers come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Find a diffuser that your friends and family will enjoy and pick out some of your favorite essential oils. This housewarming gift will not only add some decor to whatever room they decide to place it, but the aromatherapy aspect will be calming and pleasant to their senses.

Soup In A Jar

After a long day of moving box after box into the house, food is probably the last thing on the new homeowner’s mind. Soup in a jar is a great housewarming gift because it provides your friends or family with a meal for their first night.All you have to do is find a large jar and fill it with dried veggies and spices. There are countless recipes to choose from!

A Cookbook



If your friends or family members enjoy having a home-cooked meal, get them a cookbook as a housewarming gift. With so many cookbooks to choose from, it will be easy to find one that will fit the taste and skill level of your friend or family member.

For a customized gift, you could put together your own cookbook! Collect your favorite recipes from friends or family members and put them together in a tasteful way. Not only will these recipes already have stamps of approval from the people in your circle, but the new homeowners will enjoy the personal touch.

Customized Gift Basket

Personalized gifts are always the best to both give and receive. On the giving end, it is fun to find creative ways to put together a basket of the recipients favorite things. On the receiving end, a personalized gift means more than something that was picked up at the store because it means the giver took the time to think about you.

Put together a basket of things that you think are necessary for your friends or family in their new home. This could be anything from baked goods or cooking utensils, to a cooler filled with their favorite beer. Not only will the new homeowners enjoy the items inside the basket, but once everything is used or put away, they are left with a basket that can be used for a myriad of things!

Animal-Shaped Ottoman

For a truly unique item that will spice up any room, give your friends or family an animal ottoman from Reiners. Our animal ottomans come in eight different animal shapes and a variety of colors. All of our ottomans are handcrafted in our shop and made of genuine leather. Visit our store or contact us for more information about our animal ottomans. We look forward to hearing from you!